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" Thanks for your open-mindedness, but I really haven't the time to do a whole apologetics rap in a web discussion.

In a world much like our own an accident on the I-5 sends a newborn boy on a road to becoming the catalyst that forever changes the future.

But neither platform was very flexible in how content could be presented.

When words don’t suffice and pictures don’t say enough, music can convey what matters most.The Short Version: In 2007, a new blogging platform known as Tumblr hit the web, giving people a way to blog about their passion, however they wanted to blog about it.From text to photos to video to audio, these expressive individuals told their stories in a variety of ways, and soon they started gaining their own following and finding other enthusiastic bloggers. Today, Tumblr has over 550 million monthly users on more than 321 million microblogs sharing, exploring, and coming together like never before. Myspace was the largest website of its kind, with Facebook quickly gaining traction.Including Instagram pictures can also present your message to a broader audience.Put it all together and the result is a compelling look at who you are.

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Pull video clips from online or upload your own to make your story more personal for the thousands of readers who could come to your blog every day.