Dating services on facebook who is dwele dating

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But Facebook isn't taking new clients, clients who cannot follow Facebook's rules (ads must be tasteful), and clients who do not have a pre-existing relationship with Facebook sales staff that dates back to sometime in 2013.

The problem is that several major dating site brands — like Zoosk, and e Harmony — are allowed to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook first activated a ban on small dating sites back in January.

That hurt small companies because Valentine's Day, Feb. Initially, Facebook was going to revisit the policy after Valentine's Day but has since decided to extend the ban.

The problem is they're letting the big guys in while keeping the small, innovative companies out.

So the rich will continue getting richer, and in the end the consumer will suffer because competition is reduced.

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Here's our source's story about being banned from Facebook: Our first product went live last year and we executed our strategy well - we self managed our Facebook mobile app install campaign and got a very nice ROI.

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