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So back I went to EE, which acknowledged that Face Time use came under the data allowance and so wouldn’t apply to these calls, which were deemed to be voice calls.

I am led to understand that the Face Time app cannot convert calls in this way.

In case, another Duo call comes through, the app sends a message to the other caller informing him that you are unavailable to take his call.

In addition, the recipient will also receive a notification highlighting the missed call from the new caller.

Google’s Duo could work well against Apple’s Face Time since the latter only allows video calling between two i OS devices, unlike Duo which allows cross platform too.

Similar to Face Time, Duo also offers a self view window, placed in the bottom-left right corner, where one can adjust oneself to be in view.

The selfie window cannot be shifted, but a tap on the self video switch between the caller and self in full screen or window, respectively.

However, Duo has a completely unique feature, which other similar rival apps lack at the moment.

The feature shows the live video of the person calling you before you even pick the call, allowing you to answer or reject at will.

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The calls each took more than an hour and EE says that is what such calls out of a “bundle” can cost when being made to another country.