Harvest moon 64 dating guide

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Harvest moon 64 dating guide

At the blue and green stages, a girl is likely to show up at your farm while you are working and give you a refreshment.

Closer to the yellow and pink range, your character will have a strange dream about that girl and if you go to the right area, a sequence about that dream will occur.

The faster the heart moves, the closer the girl is to moving to the next color.She can be found afterward by the tree near the cave.When she twists her ankle, she can be found directly outside the farm. Otherwise, if she becomes your wife, she will feed chickens and crate eggs.To propose, you will need a kitchen and a blue feather, but more on that later.Ann is the red headed daughter of the Green Ranch owner. She can usually be found on Green Ranch or by the Goddess Pond when it is not raining.

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Also in the yellow to pink range, you can find a girl fallen with a broken ankle and will have the choice to either help yourself or get help.

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