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Living together while dating

“It’s much more managing two lives combined,” Masini continues.

So while budgets, schedules, and the never-ending “what do you want for dinner?

Consider these five benefits as you decide if moving in with your S. is the right choice for you—and be prepared to share them with your loved ones if they start to question your decision.

This is probably the first benefit that came to mind when you and your partner started thinking about moving in together: It’s really a practice run for a lifetime of living together—without the major commitment or legal documents.

Well, it seems weird to compare your betrothed to a Toyota Corolla, but, alright, let’s go with this extraordinarily inadequate metaphor.

Doing so before you tie the knot will give you more time to problem solve and collaborate to find a fair balance. Once you live together, you're able to be sexually intimate every day, if you like." And if you don't want to get down every day, she says, it's good to learn that before you tie the knot.The truth is that it’s the direct opposite of marriage. You can’t walk your separate ways without selling the condo and figuring out a custody arrangement for the dog. Think of that De Niro line from Heat: “Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.” That’s a terrible way to operate in a marriage but it’s not a bad way to approach the dating scene, especially if you conduct elaborate bank heists for a living.In marriage, you live as one united through sickness and health until death do you part. Suddenly, what should be a very simple and straightforward breakup is now like some kind of mini-divorce. If there’s a good reason to abandon ship — a lack of trust or honesty, conflicting priorities in life, different values, etc."You'll find out how tolerant you can be, as well as how upset you each get at your various differences," points out Jane Greer, Ph. If you’re a total neat freak and your partner isn’t quite so bothered by things piling up here and there or leaving dishes in the sink for a few days, sharing living quarters will help you figure out how to make it work and whether the two of you can handle it.Your lifestyle habits extend past your waking hours, though, and living together also means learning to sleep together.

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It’s the thing that propels the marriage, gives it life, defines it, makes it worth something.

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