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Recorded sefree 100 foot fetish dating

We build passenger trains that travel 267 miles an hour and rocket cars that break the speed of sound.Meanwhile, improvements in training and physiological understanding allow us to surpass our own physical-performance benchmarks in record time, and technological advances make it possible to more accurately measure the breakneck speeds achieved in nature.

The 6'6" swimmer's disproportionately large feet enable his tremendous kick.

**81 mph Sam Whittingham: World's fastest self-propelled man** The self-propelled land-speed record was set in October 2002, when Canadian Sam Whittingham reached 81 mph inside a bullet-shaped recumbent bicycle on a flat course in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Whittingham's victory was attributed to his low body weight and particularly low-riding bike.

Both man and machine are approaching the future at an ever-accelerating clip.

Almost every year, our vehicles break speed records.

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**.0000151 mph Qori Kalis: World's fastest-receding tropical glacier** Qori Kalis, a glacier that lies at above 18,000 feet in the Peruvian Andes, is melting at a rate of nearly 700 feet a year.