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He was famed for being a hell-raiser in his Sex Pistols heyday.

The Sex Pistols would successfully sue Dave Goodman and he was no longer allowed to use the name.

The first Ex Pistols release "Land of Hope and Glory" was a punk rock version of the old English classic "Land of Hope and Glory" by Edward Elgar.

When Sid follows Nancy out of the pub after she has beer thrown in her face by another junkie that had previously ripped her off, she pounds her fist on the wall and says "....never trust a junkie...".Despite his valiant efforts to get in, John reportedly admitted defeated, heading off with his wife Nora Forster and his entourage. Mail Online has contacted John's representatives for comment. That disc contains some excellent, revealing footage of the REAL Sid and Nancy that was shot for a contemporary documentary on the Sex Pistols ill-fated 1978 tour of the USA.If nothing else, the footage will increase your appreciation for these two splendid performances.

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The Ex Pistols were a scam act introduced in 1979 by one-time Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman after his services were substituted for those of professional producers.