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That’s because putting the phone to their ear can cause feedback problems.

But for those with severe hearing loss these simple activities can be frustrating and complex Furthermore the add-ons must be positioned up to 30 cm from their mouth for the user to be heard clearly.

And, people have to remember to carry the clips around with them He says he can now enjoy walks with his cocker spaniel Ozzy while listening to music.‘Music is big part of my life,’ says Dave who lives with wife Sarah, 65, in Monmouthshire.

‘I pick a track on my phone and the music goes straight to the processor.

And, people have to remember to carry the clips around with them.The processor passes these signals to a transmitter, like a small coil, worn on the side of the head above the ear and held in place with a magnet, that sends the signals by radio waves to a receiver in the skull.This in turn sends the signals to an electrode planted in the cochlea that does the work of the damaged hairs.The electrode stimulates the hearing (auditory) nerve with tiny currents to provide a sensation of hearing.The Nucleus 7 works in the same way — but with the added benefit of wireless technology which means the processor picks up signals from synched electronic devices and puts it straight into the receiver.

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Now a new type of cochlear implant can direct phone calls and music from phones, i Pods or i Pads directly into the ear without the need for fiddly add-ons.