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U dating your kitchen

So, what holds true for an ink Fiesta stamp is not necessarily the same rule for an imprinted Fiesta marking! Fiesta backstamps are the ink markings that appear on the bottom of the plate.These Fiesta markings all feature the word "Fiesta" in some form as well as some marking identifying Homer Laughlin as the manufacturer.

Remember these rules: Today, there are four (possibly more) different Fiesta markings.Also, Fiesta started using the Trademark (TM) and Registration (R) symbols after 1986.The remaining letters became disconnected from the F and were then made into all capital letters.Again, this is indicative of a new Fiestaware piece but it"s absence is not proof that it is an old piece of Fiesta.The original Fiesta markings from between 19 are identifiable in that they include only: Each of these characteristics has its own, somewhat hard to nail down history.

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For example, VV is the year code for 2007 and B is the month code for February.