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This is because both the PI and AF Servers do not have a shell for telent clients.

For example, you can use ping to perform the name lookup: In this case, it does not matter if the pings actually work (since it is common for IT departments to block ping), because you are interested only in the name resolution listed at the beginning of the command output. Dns]:: Get Host Addresses(“PIServer Name Or FQDN”) Address : 2048002058 Address Family : Inter Network Scope Id : Is IPv6Multicast : False Is IPv6Link Local : False Is IPv6Site Local : False IPAddress To String : ipconfig /displaydns Windows IP Configuration PIServer.---------------------------------------- Record Name . Authentication using WIS can fail for a variety of reasons (can be related to Windows or PI).Well, if you see this message you probably check if that the RPC service is up and running on the server… After naming “forward” several times you probably know where the problem is: The forwarders on your DNS servers are not set correctly.The most like problem is that having different domains in the same forest, the DNS servers from each domain don’t know were to direct the requests for all the other domains.If the error keeps appearing, then you should check the trust relationships between domains.And any other error message that DCDIAG shows in all DCs.

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Let’s take one server to solve this problem: Access the DNS snap-in of your DNS Server, on “Properties” select the “Forwarders” option and select “New” in DNS Domain and add all the domains in your forest; and put the IP address to the DNS server holding that domain.

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